Black Page 7

Description of work

I have designed my black page around the wrong event. It commemorates Yorick's first meeting with Death and not his second. However this should in no way devalue your investment which in the long run should prove as sound as your pension pot. My design is taken from the portrait of Sterne by Patch at Jesus College, Cambridge. The black used is my regular drawing ink -Sennelier - whether it proves blacker than the blacks of my co-exhibitors is neither here nor there. The shape created solidifies the pictorial space between the protagonists - Yorick's
hospitable welcome proves a radical solution to an age old problem. It also emphasises the metaphysical space between life and death. Lax scholars unfamiliar with the original will perceive only an amusing shape set in relation to a much smaller and far less amusing one intruding from the bottom left. Due to difficulties relating to failing eyesight my first attempt has been inexpertly cut and collaged onto a second sheet. Although vaguely irritating you might just learn to live with it - much like death itself then. Here I must leave you.